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Philosophy & Global Religions

Collection of resources for Philosophy and Global Religions (articles, books, and websites)

Resources on Comparative Religion

Call Numbers for Books on Comparative Religion

BL 1 - BL 632.5     Religions. Mythology. Rationalism.

    BL 1-50             Religion (General)

    BL 51-65           Philosophy of religion.  Psychology of religion.  Religion in relation to other subjects

    BL 70-71           Sacred Books (General)

    BL 71.5-73        Biography

    BL 74-99           Religions of the World

    BL 175-265       Natural Theology

    BL 290              The Soul

    BL 300-325       The myth. Comparative mythology

    BL 350-385       Classification of Religions

    BL 410              Religions in relation to one another

    BL 425-490       Religious Doctrines (General)

    BL 500-547       Eschatology

    BL 550-619       Worship. Cultus

    BL 624-639.5    Religious Life

    BL 630-632.5    Religious Organization

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Recommended Websites

Alternative Scriptures in the United States: A geographic guide to some alternative Scriptures with their origins in the United States.

American Religion Data Archive: Statistics on religious membership and attitudes in the U.S. and Canada

Atla Websites on Religion: World Religions: A collection of resources for the study of world religions

Hartford Institute for Religion Research: A resource highlighting emerging issues, statistics, and congregational data of various faith communities.

Library of World Religions and Faith Traditions: A resource from Patheos which highlights 50 major religious traditions and their origin, history, beliefs, rituals, ethics, and community life.

The Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life: Research, data, and news related to religion in the U.S.

The Pluralism Project: A resource from Harvard University that explores the changing religious landscape in the U.S.

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