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About: History

Our History

Dedicated in October 1974, the Clifton L. Fowler Library is Colorado Christian University’s primary provider of learning and research resources. We are named for the founder of the Denver Bible Institute, Clifton L. Fowler, who launched the school in 1914 and served as president until 1937.  Throughout the last century, our Library has evolved and integrated organically through several mergers. In 1985, Rockmont College, formerly Denver Bible Institute, merged with Western Bible Institute, becoming Colorado Christian College. In 1991, Colorado Baptist University joined the family to form our current institution. During these transitions, the libraries at these institutions interwove to form the diverse and historic collection we carry today.

While preserving our historic roots, we continue to pursue innovation and technology in our mission to equip the community. In 2010 and 2011, the Library adopted new systems software and also integrated into the two largest resource sharing programs in the state: the Marmot Network and Prospector. Through these two programs, the CCU community gained access to over 30 million books and resources.  In 2015, the library also joined Mobius, a consortium of libraries in Missouri who share resources and this is a significant partnership because numerous Mobius libraries are at schools of theology. 

In 2021, our collection boasts over 806,000 books, e-books, streaming music and video along with over 70,000 online journals. Four librarians and two staff members serve our community and they are often commended by students for their knowledge and dedication.

Address: 8787 W. Alameda Ave. Lakewood, CO 80226      Phone: 303-963-3250     Email: