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Philosophy & World Religions

Collection of resources for Philosophy and World Religions (articles, books, and websites)

Searches for Articles


DE "Christianity and other religions" This universal search is intended to compare any religion or worldview question with Christianity. Use this "sandbox" search to plug in the keywords you may supply to find specific results. Note that all of these results are already limited by full text and scholarly(peer reviewed). Examples in each religion below:
DE "Christianity and other religions" AND hinduism
DE "Christianity and other religions" AND buddhism
DE "Christianity and other religions" AND islam
DE "Christianity and other religions" AND judaism
DE "Christianity and other religions" AND atheism


Individual religions have their own subject term as well, however, they work best if Christianity and "x" religion are paired together.

DE "Christianity"
DE "Judaism"
DE "Islam"
DE "Buddhism"
DE "Hinduism"
DE "Atheism"

Double Subject Terms can be found with Christianity and "x" religion. These are particularly useful if you add your worldview question to the search.
DE "Christianity and Judaism"
DE "Christianity and Islam"
DE "Christianity and Buddhism"
DE "Christianity and Hinduism"
DE "Christianity and atheism"

Sacred Texts

Many religions have various sacred texts which are central to guiding their beliefs, worship, and practices.  Below are subject search terms for some of the sacred texts. You can see a tutorial on doing Sacred Text searches here.







  • Afterlife, eternity, eternal, resurrection
  • Transformation
  • Salvation
  • Eightfold path
  • Humanity
  • Human condition
  • Ontology (the nature of being)
  • tribal religions
  • shamanism
  • confucianism
  • taoism

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