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Philosophy & Global Religions

Collection of resources for Philosophy and Global Religions (articles, books, and websites)

Find Philosophy Books on the Shelf

B 108-708 Ancient

B 720-765 Medieval

B 770-785 Renaissance

B 790-5802 Modern

BC Logic

BD 95-131 Metaphysics

BD 161-215 Theory of knowledge

BD 143-237 Epistemology

BD 300-450 Ontology

BH Aesthetics

BJ 21-1114, 1188-1725 Ethical theory, Ethics

BJ 1401, BT 160 Problem of evil

BL 51 Philosophy of religion

JA 36-JC 599 Political philosophy

Q 175 Philosophy of science

Find Global Religions Books on the Shelf

BL 1-1099  Religions, Mythology, and Rationalism

BL 1100 - 1295  Hinduism

BL 1300-1380  Jainism

BL 1500-1595  Zoroastrianism

BM 1-990  Judaism

BP 1-253  Islam

BP 300-395  Bahai Faith

BP 600-610 New Religious Movements

BQ 1-9800 Buddhism

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