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Philosophy & Global Religions

Collection of resources for Philosophy and Global Religions (articles, books, and websites)

Call Numbers for Books on Buddhism

BQ 1 - BQ 5720         Buddhist Studies

     BQ 1-219              General Information

     BQ 221-249           Archaeology

     BQ 251-799           History

     BQ 840-899           Biography

     BQ 860-939           Gautama Buddha

     BQ 1001-1045       Buddhist Literature

     BQ 1100-3340       Tripitaka

     BQ 40651-4570     Doctrinal Buddhism

     BQ 4600-4610       Buddhism and Christianity

     BQ 4620-4905       Buddhist Pantheon

     BQ 4911-5720       Practice of Buddhism/Forms of Worship

Other Subject Term Searches:

Buddhist Philosophy

Buddhist Ethics

Christianity and Buddhism

Buddhist Civilization and History

Women in Buddhism

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Recommended Websites

Atla Websites on Religion: Buddhism:a collection of resources related to the study of Buddhism Includes information on Buddhist studies, how to practice Buddhism, major works of the chief branches of Buddhism, a directory of Buddhist centers, and more.

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism: Covers Buddhist terms and contains links to other textual and bibliographical resources for the study of Buddhism.

International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS): A non-sectarian society dedicated to promoting scholarship in Buddhist studies.

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