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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an eBook Page Number?

There are many ways to find page numbers in eBooks due to the differing databases and publishers. Below are the most common ways of finding a page number but if these don't work please contact us. It may also be possible there is no way to find an eBook's page number in that case APA 7 recommends providing a heading/section name, a paragraph number, or both if that is appropriate (Section 8.28 in the APA 7 manual).


1. Some eBooks (PDF full text) have the page number at the bottom. Others (EPUB full text) have no way to access a page number and citations typically need a paragraph number starting from the beginning of the quotes chapter.

Image showing page number in an EBSCO eBook.



1. ProQuest eBook pages are in the top right corner.

ProQuest Page Numbers in the top right corner


A. The page number is 185 and you can see how many pages are in the eBook.

Close up of page numbers

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