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Biblical Studies & Theology

Collection of resources for Biblical Studies and Theology (articles, books, commentaries, and websites)

What is a Commentary?

A Bible commentary is a common published form of a biblical exegesis (a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially a religious text) and typically takes the form of an encyclopedia-like set of books each of which are devoted to the exposition of one or two books of the Bible, in the order they appear in the Bible.

Commentaries in the Reference collection (upstairs) are together by series starting at BS 192commentaries in the circulating collection are gathered together by book of the Bible 

Commentaries for Genesis to Malachi: see BS 1235s -- BS 1675’s (lower level) in OT book order

Commentaries for Matthew to Revelationsee BS 2575s – BS 2825s (lower level) in NT book order

*Finding commentaries in the CCU Library



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