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A practical guide to starting a successful career in a music department in higher education, this book thoroughly details the application, interview, and negotiation processes. It offers a wealth of practical information on getting a post, your first days in the post, acquiring tenure andpromotion, working with colleagues and administration, beginning your career, and learning about yourself in the higher education setting.This book will show you how to:--Organize your professional experiences in an eye-appealing and easily read CV--Develop attention catching cover letters that avoid common pitfalls and instead create positive, lasting impressions--Create meaningful teaching philosophies and research statements --Acquire effective interview techniques by becoming aware of frequently asked interview questions, the nuances of interview apparel, dining etiquette, and recognizing what committees and administrators are looking for in a candidate--Negotiate job offers effectivelyAnd once you get that position, this book will show you how to keep it, to get tenure and promotion, and to be successful in your chosen higher education institution. Visit the comprehensive companion website at

What They Didn't Teach You in Graduate School

* This irreverent, but serious guide to what life in higher education institutions is really like, now enhanced by 100 new tips * Invaluable advice that ranges from getting your Ph.D. to setting the course of your academic career The 100 new hints expand sections on the dissertation process, job hunting, life in the classroom and on dealing with students, as well as on matters that affect readers' careers, such as research, publication, and tenure. The book concludes with a tongue-in-cheek appendix on How to Become a Millionaire while an academic.

First Time in the College Classroom

People who teach in higher education are subject matter specialists, but they often have little preparation in how to teach. This book presents the knowledge base of college teaching in a user-friendly, easy-to-read, yet well-researched format. From sample syllabi to the creation of an effective grading scale, this book covers critically important aspects of organizing and teaching your curriculum. Suggestions for preparing for the first day of the semester will make all semesters run more smoothly. Chapters about building positive student relationships, student incivility, and academic integrity provide insights about today's students, their backgrounds, and their expectations. Using techniques presented in the book for instructional management, instructors can have productive classes where students achieve success. If you teach traditional or online courses in a community college, private college, or large public university, this book needs to be on your reading list. The topics, strategies, and methods presented will not only help you to improve your courses, but will also help you to keep your job and obtain tenure. Reading this book is the equivalent of taking a course in how to teach in higher education.

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