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Frequently Asked Questions

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Technology and Troubleshooting



Where are our books?

Online Library

eBooks, Video, Audio and more

Physical Library in Lakewood, CO

Main Level: Reference books (REF listed in the call number)

Lower Level: Circulating books

Search Course Reserves

Search course reserves by course number, e.g. ENG 101.

Search course reserves by professor's last name.

How do I get a library card?

​CCU Student

Your Student ID number is your library card

Local Library Card Holder

Use your existing library card

Other Community borrowers

Ask at checkout for a Community Borrower card

More information - Checkout Policy 

Checkout Policy

Checkout Policies (are generally for 3 weeks and 2 renewals; Prospector items are 3 weeks and 1 renewal)


Patron Type Maximum Items to Check Out Book Loan Period Media Loan Period Renewals Holds
Students 25 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 25
Staff 25 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 25
Faculty Unlimited 6 Weeks 1 Week 2 Unlimited
Alumni 5 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 0

Community Borrowers

1 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 0



  • You can renew items online through your library account.  Login to view your due dates, check outs, holds, etc.


  • Items can be returned at the Check Out desk during library hours or outside in the book return by the library's west entrance 24/7.

Mailing Items

  • If you live outside of the metro area, call the library at 303-963-3250 to ask about mailing items to you.  We will mail to you and you are responsible for returning the item to us.

Loan Periods for Reserve Items:

  • Your professor has determined the length of the loan period for the items they have placed on reserve, usually 2 hours.
  • Reserve items may be taken outside the library while they are checked out.

CCU Library and Prospector Holds:

  • You can place up to 25 holds on CCU or Prospector items through the library catalog and pick them up at the Check Out Desk. We fill holds multiple times each day and notices are sent out the following morning. If you want to receive notices as soon as your item is ready, sign up for text message notifications.  
  • Items that you've requested from other libraries arrive within 2-7 days.  You will receive an email notice when it is ready to be picked up (at the Main Campus).  If you live outside of the metro area we can mail you items (you will need to call 303-963-3250 and request this) and you are responsible to return them to us.  
  • Both CCU Library and Prospector items stay on the hold shelf for 8 days.
  • Community Borrowers and CCU alums are not allowed to place items on hold in our catalog.  Please ask us about placing holds through Prospector if you have an account with another library in Prospector


  • Alumni can set up an Alumni account; use your previous student ID or we can assign you a new number.  This is for physical book check outs.
  • Alumni can check out up to five items at a time.
  • Alumni can access our databases & electronic resources from within the library only (we will log on for you; just ask at the Circulation desk).
  • Please ask us about placing holds through Prospector if you have an account with another library in Prospector.

Visiting Patron Checkout:

  • Aurora, Jeffco, and other local library patrons may check out books on campus using their home library card.

ATLA Reciprocal Borrower agreement

  • The CCU Library is a participating member in the ATLA Reciprocal Borrower agreement and CCU students can borrow items through this agreement from Denver Seminary and the St. John Vianney - Cardinal Stafford libraries here and others outside of Colorado.  Please have something with you that shows you are a CCU student. 

Community Borrowers:

  • Community Borrowers can check out one item at a time ("Visiting Patrons", above, can check out more items). 
  • If computers are available, you are welcome to use one. Please ask at the circulation desk and we will log you in. 
  • Community Borrowers can access our databases & electronic resources from within the library.
  • Community Borrowers are not allowed to place items on hold in our catalog.  Please ask us about placing holds through Prospector if you have an account with another library in Prospector.

Notices and Fines:

  • Fines are .20/day per item.

  • For reserve items, fines are .20/hour per item.

  • Courtesy email notices are sent three days before the due date, the day after the due date, and at one and two weeks after the due date. Email notices are sent to the email address on file with the University. The Library cannot guarantee the delivery of courtesy notices. You are responsible for knowing your due dates. Library accounts can be viewed online.

  • You can elect to be notified for holds via SMS text messages. To sign up, log in to your library account and turn the feature on in "Account Settings." Data and texting fees may apply.

  • Paying Fines: Fines and replacement fees can be paid for with cash, check, or an Amazon gift card emailed to the library at  Please include your name and student ID number in the email.

  • View how to borrow at the library 

Lost items:

  • Patrons are responsible to pay the replacement fee of a lost item, including Prospector and Mobius library items. 
  • The standard replacement fee for a lost or damaged book is $50; the standard replacement fee for DVDs and CDs is $30.
  • Please let the library know if you've lost an item and we will work with you. 
  • If a lost ("billed") book is returned the maximum fine charged is $10 (certainly less than the replacement fee). 


  • If an item isn't returned after it's six weeks past due or if your late fees are over $20, your student account is blocked with the Registrar. This block will prevent you from registering or dropping classes. When the item is returned or replaced and the fines are paid ($10/book is the maximum) the account is cleared. This is not an automatic process; you need to speak to library staff to have the Registrar block removed from your account.

  • The standard replacement fee for a lost or damaged book is $50. The standard replacement fee for DVDs and CDs is $30.


How long can I check out a book?

Patron Type Maximum Items to Check Out Book Loan Period Media Loan Period Renewals Holds
Students 25 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 25
Staff 25 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 25
Faculty Unlimited 6 Weeks 1 Week 2 Unlimited
Alumni 5 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 0

Community Borrowers

1 3 Weeks 1 Week 2 0

How do I renew my book?

  1. Go to the Account Login page
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Renew item

How long does it take to get my resource?

eBooks through CCU catalog
What   Online Books, AudioBooks, Music, and Video
How    Click Access Online Button
When   Instantly with 2 exceptions

1. Items through Overdrive Overdrive icon require one to check them out online.

2. Single use eBooks will display ebook full text in use messagein which you will have to come back and try again later.

Physical Books, Music, and Video through CCU Catalog

What   CCU's physical/print collection available in the Clifton Fowler Library in Lakewood, CO
How    If item is Available, write down the Call Number Call Numberand locate it within the library. If Unavailable, click place hold on right side of item, enter name and ID number to process the hold
When   Access to Available items is immediate, Unavailable items have to be returned and the next person on the hold cue will be notified via email that the item is ready for them to checkout.

What   Consortia of libraries in the state of Colorado and University of Wyoming.
How    Click Request it button on right side of item, choose CCU OR choose your local public library, enter name and ID number
When   3-5 days if not currently checked out by another patron

What   Group of libraries, including some seminaries in the state of Missouri
How     Click Request it button on right side of item, choose CCU OR choose your local public library, enter name and ID number
When   2 weeks if item is not checked out by another patron

Denver Seminary Thomas Library and Saint John Vianney Seminary Stafford Library
What   Two local seminaries with theologically heavy resources
How    Visit these libraries, show your CCU ID or anything identifying you as a CCU student. We offer reciprocal borrowing with these libraries through ATLA Reciprocal Borrower Agreement 
When   Travel to these libraries

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (UCCS)
What   For finding academic materials when you live in Colorado Springs
How   If you are not a UCCS alumni or current student/staff/faculty you can use the Colorado Library Card method. This would require you to bring your current public library card to this library to sign up.
When   Travel to this library

Mesa County Library and Loveland Public Library

What   Utilize Prospector to request CCU and other library materials when you live in Grand Junction or Northern Colorado!
How    Access Prospector from one of these library’s website, click request on right side of item, choose the library you want to pick up your item from, enter name and ID number
When   3-5 Days

CCU shipping

What   CCU will pay to ship to your address, you would pay to ship back to CCU
How    Request an item through CCU, when you get an email that it is ready for pickup, contact the library to have it shipped.
When   3-5 Days (typical USPS mailing speeds)

View our Checkout Policy

How do I see what I have on hold?

1.  Log in to your CCU Library account

2.  Under the "My Account" header you will see "Titles on Hold."  Click through on this link to see any holds that are ready for pickup along with pending holds.

I don't know my library card number.

Library card number = 7 digit CCU ID Number.  Contact the library if you can't remember it.

Request Purchase

Found an item the library should own?  Click here to suggest a purchase. 

Suggest a Purchase

How do I pay a fine?

Fines and replacement fees can be paid for via

  1. Cash

  2. Check 

  3. Amazon gift card emailed to the library at  Please include your name and student ID number in the email.

Interlibrary Loan

How to make an Interlibrary loan request: 

Interlibrary Loan
What it is:  We will request articles and books for you from other libraries. 

How it works:


1.  When in a database that doesn't offer the full text of the article, click Request this item through interlibrary loanto fill in the request form. 

2.  Or email the article citation along with your name, email and student ID number.  (Click on "cite" in the database to get the full citation of the article to copy and paste in your email).  

Books and other materials

Email with the complete citation of the item along with your name, email and student ID number. 

How quick will my interlibrary loan come?


table of lending times for Interlibrary Loans

Articles can come in pretty quick, sometimes within the hour, but this is completely dependent on the lending library. You will be emailed the link to the article directly as soon as it becomes available. 

Books and other physical materials

Physical materials take time to transport to the Clifton Fowler Library in Lakewood, CO. This transportation can take as long as a week or more.

Don't live in Lakewood? 

Click here for your options


Text Message Notifications

Text Notices

If you are already registered to receive text message notices, you will see a new number from the deliverer of these text messages: With this new service, you can receive notices and turn certain notices on and off.

Text Message Service FAQs

Will I Be Charged For This Service?

How Do I Sign Up?

What Do I Need to Sign Up?

What Kinds of Notices Will I Get?

When Will I Receive Texts?


Will I Be Charged For This Service?

  • The library doesn’t charge a fee for this service, but your cell phone plan’s regular text messaging rates still apply. Check with your cell phone service provider to see the cost of text messages in your service plan.  You can expect a larger volume of text messages with this service.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Text SIGNUP to: 970-620-9150 (To receive your messages in Spanish, use REGISTRESE instead of SIGNUP.)
  • It will ask you for the number on the back of your library card but at CCU, enter your student ID# (Full number with no spaces, e.g. 0123456)
  • Enter email address (optional)

You’ll receive a list of active and inactive notices. See the ‘What kinds of notices will I get‘ section for more information.

What Do I Need to Sign Up?

  • A mobile phone with text messaging capability
  • Text messaging service (check your cell phone service plan)
  • Your phone must be able to send a text message to an email address
  • Your student ID number

When Will I Receive Texts?

Texts will be sent only when activity on your account triggers a message and will be sent between 9:00am and 7:00pm.

What Kinds of Notices Will I Get?

Text NOTICES to view the current status of all the opt in/out notices.  

These notices are ON by default.  Texting the keyword (e.g. HOLDS) to will turn that type of notice off.  Text the keyword again to turn the notice back on.

  • HOLDS: This is a notice that you have holds ready to be picked up.
  • OVERDUE: This is a notice that things are already overdue.
  • RENEW: This is a notice that things will soon be due, and you can renew them.
  • FEES: This is a notice that there are fines or fees owed.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS: These notices will feature library closures, etc.


Other Commands (send all keywords to

TEST:  Test your connection to the service.

HELP: Get help with a command.  E.g., type HELP FEES to get help with that command.

MYBOOKS: Inquire about the status of all of your library items.

IOWEU: Get a list of fines and fees.

RHL: Get a list of holds expiring soon.

HL: Get a list of holds that are ready to pick up.

OA: The service will attempt to renew all overdue items and will reply with a list of items that were successfully and unsuccessfully renewed.

OL: Generates a numbered list of all overdue items eligible for renewal.

RA: The service will attempt to renew all items and will reply with a list of items that were successfully and unsuccessfully renewed.

RI: Get a list of items that are coming due and that cannot be renewed.

RL: Generates a numbered list of renewable items. 

ADDEMAIL: Change email on your account.

SWITCHPHONE: Update your phone number or mobile service provider (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc). 

RESEND: Receive last message again. 

STOP: Immediately remove your number from the text service, no questions asked.

QUIT: Longer way to quit the service. You will be prompted to enter the student ID# and will receive a message confirming your request.

How do I find a book by using the call number?

Most print books in the library are organized by the Library of Congress call number, which groups similar subjects together on the shelves.

When you are looking for a book, start with the top line of the call number; all of the books are arranged alphabetically by this top line.  For example:

B, BR, BS,...C, CA, CB

Then look to the number line next...

B       B       B       B     

3       21     221    3021

If these top two lines are identical, look to the third line where books with the same letter are arranged by decimal number...

PN        PN          PN

70         6321       6321

.P41      .E295      .F44

Finally, if the top three lines are identical look to the fourth line which contains a letter followed by numbers arranged by decimal number (Note: this works like the third line except that the numbers are treated as a decimal even though there is no visible decimal point)...

BR        BR        BR

502       502        502

.E6       .E6         .E6

L22      L4751    L461

What are the library’s hours?


Library hours through August 30th

Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday, 2:00 pm - 7:30 pm 


Regular library hours start August 31st

Mon - Wed,  7:30 am to 11 pm, Mountain Standard Time

Thurs, 7:30 am - 5 pm

Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday, 2 pm - 11 pm

Monday (Sept 7th), CLOSED for the Labor Day holiday






I am not a student at CCU; can I use the library

Yes! Members of the community are welcome to use the library as well.

  • Community Borrowers can check out one item at a time
  • Patrons from Jeffco, Aurora and other local libraries can check out items as a Visiting Patron; CCU Community Borrowers can check out one item at a time. 
  • If you need a computer, please ask at the circulation desk and we will log you in. 
  • Community Borrowers can access our databases & electronic resources from within the library.

​Complete Checkout Policy click here.

study rooms

Reserving a Conference Room

One small conference rooms is available and can be reserved online through our website. (See the link below.) The small conference room holds 4-6 people.  

If the conference room is empty and there are no reservations, it's open for walk-ins. 




Study Room Picture




There are 6 individual study rooms in the library and all are upstairs; three have computers. These are open and not on a reservation system; however we will reserve a room if needed - please check at the Circulation desk.



Does the library offer proctoring?

No, the library does not offer proctoring services.  Check with your professor or department administrator for proctoring options.

Does the library have a notary?

No, the library does not provide notary services. There are several online resources to help you locate a notary. And most banks offer notary services.

Where is the bathroom?

The restrooms are located on the main level of the library at the end of the hallway.  A library staff member can point them out to you as well.

Gifts and Donations

Gifts in Kind

Accepting gifts requires significant resources and costs incurred in handling, processing, accessioning, cataloging, storing, conserving, preserving and providing access to contributed materials. For these reasons, the CCU Library does not accept periodicals, moldy, damaged materials or items in outdated formats (cassette and VHS tapes). The Library does not guarantee gifts will be added to the CCU Libraries collection.

Once donated, gifted items become the absolute and unconditional property of the University and will not be returned to the donor. Upon receipt, the CCU Library reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to their use, maintenance, removal, or disposal. If unsolicited materials are mailed, dropped off or otherwise delivered, the CCU Library reserves the right to use or dispose of such materials in any manner it deems appropriate and without any obligation whatsoever to the person who donated the materials.

If you are interested in finding out more about making a donation to the CCU Library, contact Oliver Schulz, (303) 963-3257.  Sending a list of titles before bringing any gift materials to us is helpful but not necessary.  Library faculty will review the list to determine whether the content is already available in the library and/or whether it supports the instructional, learning and research mission of the University.  Donors can also search the library catalog here

Electronic Gifts

At this time we are not accepting donations of e-books. 

Gift Acknowledgment and Valuation

When donations are accepted, donors may request to receive a letter signed by the University Library Director acknowledging their gift. This letter can be used to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving. Appraisals of gifts to the CCU Library for tax deduction purposes are the sole responsibility of the donor. The CCU Library and the University does not appraise donated items. If you intend to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving, you should consult with a tax advisor regarding any applicable rules or conditions.

More Donation Options

Better World Books is an online used bookstore. Unsold books are donated to developing countries. See website for details. Book drop locations are also available here.

City of Lakewood Recycling accepts books at their two receiving facilities. This is a better choice for old, outdated,and poor condition books.

Love Packages is an organization that sends used Bibles, Sunday School materials, and other Bible study materials to individuals worldwide.  See website for a list of currently needed materials.

Theological Book Network is an organization that sends theological resources to Christian educational institutions in the Majority World to help equip local church leaders.

Student Employment

The library employs work-study-eligible Student Staff year-round. We are a good fit for students needing an on-campus job, offering flexibility with your schedule and a friendly work environment. Top candidates show initiative, attention to detail, and have excellent customer service skills. This is a great place to build your resume with higher-level job skills! 

Check with Financial Aid to determine if you are Work Study Eligible, then submit your resume to Michael Aman. Openings will be posted on the Student Employment Job Board as they become available, although, we usually hire before needing to post. The beginning of a semester is when we usually hire, but between semesters is the prime time to submit resumes. Contact Michael Aman with any questions.



How do I find an article for my research paper

Try one of the following methods

1. Start with a subject guide for your topic to find a database on that subject within the guide. Guides Button

2. Search EDS, a general search box on the library's homepage. Navigate to and click on the yellow articles tab. Enter your search term and click "Search."

Watch this Library Tutorial to learn how to effectively - Finding Articles Library Tutorial 

What is Peer Review?

Watch this library tutorial about Peer Review - Peer Review Tutorial Video

Peer Review is a process that an article goes through before being published in a reputable peer reviewed journal.

  1. Author submits their draft article to a journal that has peer review.
  2. That journal’s editor checks to see if the article fits the specification of the journal
  3. Then the editor sends the article to peer review, a group of experts in the same field as the article, sometimes called referees. They answer the following questions about the article.
    1. What is the article ABOUT
    2. Is the research INTERESTING
    3. Is the research IMPORTANT
    4. Is the METHODOLOGY sound
    5. Is it LOGICAL
    6. Is the content ORIGINAL
  4. Then the referees make their recommendation
    1. ACCEPT which happens the first time rarely
    2. REVISE which happens more often
    3. REJECT which happens to as much as 90% of the time depending on the journal.
  5. Once an article makes it past peer review, the Editor makes any final edits

While peer review can cause some drawbacks, such as ideas being dated since the process takes time and that rejected research is common and can cause accepted research to be more mainstream

Peer review is good for

  • And ultimately TRUST

If you need help finding peer reviewed articles be sure to check a box like this one when searching. Image of the Peer Reviewed button

Be sure to Book A Librarian if you need help finding peer reviewed sources. Book A Librarian Button

What is scholarly

You may come across a button, Scholarly. Usually this button is paired with Peer Reviewed. image of the scholarly limiters

What does Scholarly mean? In terms of these databases it is merely a synonym of Peer Reviewed.  Other words that describe a high quality article that most likely peer reviewed are: 

  • Research articles
  • Scholarly articles
  • Academic articles
  • Refereed articles
  • Peer Reviewed articles

Whichever word is used, it tends to mean a quality article from a reputable journal.

Watch this Video on Peer Review to see more - Peer Review library tutorial video

What are Primary Sources?

Primary Sources are sources that allow researchers to get as close as possible to original ideas, event, and empirical research as possible.  Such sources may include creative works, first hand or contemporary accounts of events, and the publication of the results of empirical observations or research.

Watch this Video on Primary vs. Secondary sources to see more - Primary vs secondary sources tutorial video

How do I search the library catalog?

Go to the library home page ( and click on the blue Books+ tab in the center of the screen.  Enter your search term and click on search.  

Watch this video on Library catalog and holds library catalog and holds library tutorial video

How do I share a link to an article I found?

In order for you to link to an article you found you must locate the permalink and share that rather than using the URL. The URL will not work once your session has ended (i.e. when you close your browser).


What is a permalink?

permalink is a permanent link that will constantly direct you to an article or an online resource.  They allow the reader to go right to the source without having to recreate the search in a database.  Note that when using the permalink, you will still be directed to the authentication page to login with your CCU ID and password in order to see the article.

How do I find the permalink? Click here!

How do I cite my book/article/video

1.  There are different citation styles and a manual that guides each style; search our catalog or view the Writing Guide to find a manual.

2.  Most resources provide a citation to copy/paste; look for a CITE icon when viewing your resource and view our citation tutorial.

Citing Tutorial




Does the library offer a prize for undergraduate research?

It does! Visit the Clifton Fowler Library's Exemplary Research Paper Award page to see past winners, important dates and paper criteria.

Book A Librarian

 Book a Librarian Button

Book A Librarian is a One-on-One appointment service (20 minutes) with a librarian from CCU’s Clifton Fowler Library.

  • Select a time that works for you - please note that times listed are Mountain (Denver) Time.
  • Fill out the information needed that follows
  • If you are a distance student, let us know how you want to meet.

Learn how to research like a professional librarian. Book A Librarian is all about saving you time. By giving us your topic for your research, we can prepare some search strategies for you before we meet. It is a productive meeting together with plenty of sources, tips and tricks that are tailored specifically for you!

Watch this Commercial for Book A Librarian to see a bit more Book A Librarian Library Commercial

How do I cancel/reschedule my Book A Librarian appointment?

Locate your confirmation email sent from "LibCal" with a link to cancel, or contact contact the library and we can cancel it for you.

Does Book A Librarian cost anything?

No. Book A Librarian is completely free to you to use as often as you want.

Can I Book A Librarian more than once?

Yes. In a Book A Librarian we show you how we found the things we found as well as help you develop your topic. You are welcome to use Book A Librarian as often as you need.

Can I make a single appointment for multiple topics with Book A Librarian?

Unfortunately, no.  While multiple topics could be covered in 30 minutes, librarians spend considerable time preparing for these sessions and doubling up topics takes much longer to prepare. To get around this, book adjacent sessions so that the librarian has a manageable load of prep and you can have your topics covered at the same visit, which might not last as long as the two or more sessions would normally take.

I met with a librarian before. Can I make a second Book A Librarian appointment on the same topic?

Yes. Indicate any information you would like in the “Research Topic” field, including but not limited to: what you need help with specifically, the librarian you met with the first time, a preference to meet with him/her again, a narrowed focus of your topic that you need more advanced help, etc.

I am a distance student in the CAGS program. How can I use BAL?

Great question! In your first appointment we will meet with you via phone (for the first appointment only) and Zoom.  Zoom is free and there is no software you need to install.  Zoom allows the librarian to show her/his screen with you so that you can follow along visually.

If you require ADA please indicate this in your appointment information.


Does the library offer tutoring services or homework help?

The library does not offer tutoring services or homework help but the Tutoring Lab provides Peer Tutors to provide tutoring for CUS students in a select number of classes.  Students can visit the Tutoring Lab during walk-in hours or request individual tutorinng by emailing  You can also find current listings of courses tutored, and walk-in hour times and locations, by visiting the Tutoring Services page on the My CCU student portal under the Life Directions Center link or by speaking with your LDC Advisor.

How to link Google Scholar to CCU Library

When searching Google Scholar ( there is a way that you can view the full text provided by CCU library if you link the library to this service.

1. Navigate to

2. Click on the 3 horizontal lines (hamburger) in the upper left hand corner of the screen google scholar setup showing Click on the 3 horizontal lines (hamburger) in the upper left hand corner of the screen

3. Click on 'Settings'. google scholar setup image of settings menu

4. Click 'Library Links'

5. Search for 'Colorado Christian University'.

6. Click the checkbox next to 'Colorado Christian University - FullText@CCU'.

7. Click 'Save' google scholar setup showing checkbox and save button

Now when you perform a search, if CCU has access to this resource, a link will be provided in the right hand column to click and access that full text. From there simply login using your ID and password. google scholar setup showing the right hand column of google search showing fullText@ccu

How can I make sure I get Full Text article results?

When the full text of an article isn't available, we suggest:

1. Select the "Full Text" limiter for your search. full text limiter image

2. Chat with a librarian for help. chat with a librarian button

3. Interlibrary Loan. If CCU doesn't have access to the full text you need, submit a request for an Interlibrary Loan and we'll request it from another library.

I received an error message from the database. What do I do?

Here are some tips to troubleshoot this yourself before asking for help.

1. Try clearing your browser's history. View this page to learn how.

2. Chat with a librarian. chat button

3.  Submit a work order and we will troubleshoot your issue.


Two thirds of CCU Library's collection is in an electronic book format, also known as eBooks. To access the vast majority of eBooks follow the steps below.  Most of the eBooks are for unlimited, simultaneous users.  A small number of eBooks are for one user or up to three users at a time.  Books that are limited to one and three users at a time are only in use as long as the person is at the book's page, unlike our print books that can be checked out for multiple days.  If you're trying to access an ebook and it's in use, please wait some time and try again. An exception are eBook titles from Overdrive which may be checked out, but these are a mostly fiction and pleasure reading collection.  The publisher decides on how they will offer their book.


ebook guide image showing steps outlined in text


ebook steps outlined in text steps

ebook guide image showing steps outlined in text

I know the article I want. How do I find it in the library?

Determine if we have access to the journal that your article is in:

1. Navigate to

2. Click on yellow articles tab. 

3. Click on "Search by journal title or subject" link.

4. Search by the journal title rather than by the article title

5. If we don't have Full Text for the journal, please submit an Interlibrary Loan request.

Here is a tutorial on how to do this - Find My Article Library Tutorial

What is EZProxy?

EZProxy is a web proxy server used by the library that allows students to access the library's restricted-access items (databases, Ebooks, etc.).  This allows students to log in through the EZproxy server at home and still access all that the library has to offer.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi options include CCU-Wireless and Conferencing. CCU-Wireless is the primary and secure Wi-Fi on campus. Access it with your Student ID and password. Conferencing is available using the same login information. If you wish to access Wi-FI and are a guest, please visit the CheckOut desk for assistance.

Wifi image of CCU-Wireless and Conferencing

Copy and Printing

Computer Labpicture of computer lab

The Library has a computer lab with nine PCs as well as additional computers located downstairs and in study rooms. Printing is available in black & white and color, and we also have a digital scanner. 




Printingpicture of printers

The Library offers both black & white and color printing to CCU Faculty, Staff and Students. Student accounts must have a positive printing balance to print.  The Black and White printer is the "LIB-BW-P1" printer (just outside of the lab) and the color printer is the "LIB-COLOR-P2" printer (inside of the lab). 



Wireless Printing

Students can print wirelessly from personal laptops while in the library. Visit to upload documents and print. Print jobs are subtracted from your student print balance.



There are two options:  Using our large copy machine, you can scan documents and book pages into PDF format and send these files to an email. If you need to print the PDF files, this free service is one alternative to that (open your attachment and print off of your print account).

Also, one of the computers in the computer lab has a scanning machine attached. The use of this machine is free of charge. Please ask any library personnel for assistance.


Why isn't the printer working?

There are many reasons the printer isn’t working. The main screen on the printer should tell you why it isn’t working. Typically it is because of lack of print balance, network errors or a clogged print queue.

Check in with the library staff for help.

How do I check print balance?

Log onto your account with your student information.

In the white box in the middle column there should be several tabs. Click on the webadvisor tab. Click on Communication. Click on Student Print account.

Login Screen

Webadvisor,Student Print Account image

Where else can I print?

You can print in black and white and in color at the library from any of our library computers, or wirelessly through our wireless printing page. There is also a 24 hour computer lab located in the basement of Atlas, our freshman stairwell. You can wirelessly print in Leprino Hall.

​I lost my book, what do I do?​

Contact the library and we will work with you.  You are responsible to pay the replacement fee of a lost item, including Prospector and Mobius library items. The standard replacement fee for a lost or damaged book is $50; the standard replacement fee for DVDs and CDs is $30. If a lost ("billed") book is returned the maximum fine charged is $10 (certainly less than the replacement fee). Fines and fees can be paid with cash, check or by purchasing an Amazon eGift card for the Library in the fine or fee amount.

How do I clear my browser's history, cache, and cookies?

Clearing your browser's history, cache and cookies resolves 90% of the issues you may face in accessing library resources. The data stored in browsers often break the link from you being able to log into a library database. Reset this by clearing these on your browser.

Click here to see how to clear your browser’s history in Internet Explorer internet explorer browser icon

Click here to see how to clear your browser’s history in Chrome chrome browser icon

Click here to see how to clear your browser’s history in Firefox firefox browser icon

Still having trouble? Submit a service request.

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