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Music : Subject Guide

There are several locations for music items:

Music items are in the main library and in the Music Library, located at 9200 W. Ellsworth (corner of S. Garrison and W. Ellsworth) 

The Music CDs are in the file cabinet in the Reference room
The Stolba music collection is upstairs and in the Back Journals room 
The Music Library is a separate library in the Music Center. 

Search the catalog and databases including the listening database, Naxos

Search Tips

  • Need a score or recording?  Use Advanced Search options to limit your search to a format such as musical score, CD, or DVD. 
  • Use quotes to search an exact phrase - Ex: “music theater” searches that exact phrase. 
  • Add limiters to limit your search to a date or date range; to a scholarly, academic or peer reviewed article; to the type of publication. Remember that the more you add, the fewer results you will get.  
  • Use an asterisk to search different endings of a word; EX, "comput*" searches computer, computers, computing, etc.
  • Choose the catalog or the database's Advanced Search for more options and the ability to focus.