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Commentaries and Concordances: Subject Guide

What are commentaries and concordances?

A Bible commentary is a common published form of a biblical exegesis (a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially a religious text) and typically takes the form of an encyclopedia-like set of books each of which are devoted to the exposition of one or two books of the Bible, in the order they appear in the Bible 

A concordance is a word index to the BibleConcordances may be for the original languages of the Biblical books, or, more commonly they are compiled for translations and you'll want to use a concordance that matches the translation of your Bible.     [from wikipedia]

Society of Biblical Literature (for how to cite sacred text)

Find Books on the Shelf

Commentaries in the Reference collection (upstairs) are together by series starting at BS 192; commentaries in the circulating collection are gathered together by book of the Bible 

Commentaries for Genesis to Malachi: see BS 1235s -- BS 1675’s (lower level) in OT book order

Commentaries for Matthew to Revelationsee BS 2575s – BS 2825s (lower level) in NT book order