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Biblical Studies and Theology - New Testament: Subject Guide

Keywords & Search Tips

Need articles on a scripture passage?  1.) In the ATLA database click on a top link, "Scripture", to view articles written on Genesis, for example. 2.)  Also in ATLA, you can put in "SC" (a field code for "scripture citation") to search even more specifically; e.g., this search "SC colossians 1:15-20", will pull all articles written on Colossians 1:15-20.  3.)  Put the scripture in quotes, e.g., "John 3:16."   

Need a commentary?  search the catalog "[book of the bible] commentary" or "FInding commentaries in the CCU Library"

Society of Biblical Literature (citing sacred text) from Bethel University Library

Keywords: First-century; glossolalia; Gospels; Kingdom of God; Luke-Acts; New Testament Canon; Parables; Prayer; Q; Rome.

Also African Theology; Asian Theology;& Biblical Theology; Catholic Theology; Christology; Ecclesiology; Eschatology; Evangelical Theology; Feminist Theology; Johannine Theology; Liberation Theology; New Testament Theology; Orthodox Theology; Pauline Theology; Pentecostal Theology; Pneumatology; Protestant Theology; Reformed Theology; Soteriology.


Recommended Resources

Commentary sets:  (REF indicates in the Reference room)

Need an online commentary?  Search our catalog and limit your results to ebooks; Search the Oxford Bib Studies Online database or's commentaries

  • Anchor Bible - REF BS 192.2 .A1 1964 G3          
  • Ancient Christian commentary on scriptures NT REF BS 2575.53 .M29
  • Berit Olam - REF BS 1151.2 .B474
  • Expositor's Bible commentary - BS 491.2 .E96 (and REF)
  • Tyndale New Testament - REF BS  2341.2 .T85    
  • International critical commentary - REF BS 491 .I6   
  • Interpreter's Bible - REF BS 491.2 I55            
  • Lange's commentary - REF BS  491.2 .L36  
  • New Interpreter's Bible - BS 491.2 N484 (and REF)                                    
  • New international commentary on the New Testament - REF BS 491.2 .N42
  • New International Greek Testament commentary - REF BS 2341.3 .N34
  • Sacra Pagina - REF BS 2341.2 .S32   
  • Smyth and Helwy's Bible - REF BS 491.2 .S688
  • Word biblical commentary - REF BS 491.2 .W67          

Find Books on the Shelf

For Commentaries from Matthew to Revelation:

see BS 2575s – BS 2825s in the lower level

(Matthew starts with the BS 2575s and the books are on the shelves in NT book order (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc.) until you get to Revelation BS 2825). 

Browse also in the BTs for Doctrinal Theology