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CCU Publications: Strategic Objectives Workshops

Strategic Objectives Workshops

Except where otherwise noted, the Strategic Objectives Workshops are available from the library on DVD. The links below will take you to the online streaming video.

Date Presenter Title
2015 - April Coming Soon  
2015 - February Coming Soon  
2015 - January Coming Soon  
2014 - December Coming Soon  
2014 - October Dr. Kathleen Mulhern The Lord's Prayer
2014 - October Dr. Larry Reed Liberty and Character
2014 - April Dr. Everett Piper; Ryan T. Anderson The Prodigal Path of Today's Academy; Cultural and Constitutional Issues of Same-Sex Marriage
2014 - February Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers The War on Boys
2014 - January Dr. Os Guinness Can Freedom Last Forever?
2013 - December  Dr. Mark Mittelberg Confident Faith/Six Ways Students Approach Truth
2013 - November Dr. Robert Woodson Coping with America's Culture Crisis
2013 - October

Joe Walters, Dr. Lene Jacqua, Dr. Rick Yohn,
Dr. Phil Mitchell

Questions of Faith
2013 - April Dr. Benjamin Wiker Worshipping the State: How Liberalism Became Our State Religion
2013 - February Governor Dick Lamm The Plan To Destroy America 
2013 - January
Eric Baxter
Defending Religious Liberty in the 21st Century 
2012 - December Joseph Loconte Moral Beauty/The Searchers: A Quest for Faith in the Valley of Doubt
2012 - November Dr. Jeff Myers Worldviews, Understanding the Times 
2012 - October President Armstrong and Cabinet Members CCU Update for the 2012-13 School Year (not available)
2012 - April Dr. Burt Folsom Economic Freedom in the 21st Century
2012 - February Dick Abel The DNA of Leadership
2011 - December Alex J. Pollok Boom and Bust
2011 - April Dr. Benjamin Wiker Ten Books That Screwed Up the World
2011 - March Bradley A. Smith Whatever Happened to the U.S. Constitution?
2011 - February    Sally C. Pipes Top Ten Myths of American Healthcare
2011 - January Dr. Benjamin Powell Making Poor Nations Rich
2010 - December Dr. Sid Buzzell This, I Believe (not available)
2010 - October Dr. Cherri Parks and the Self-Study Committee Accreditation Update (not available)
2010 - September Jim McCormick, Kathy Wolfe, Joe Walters, Brian Carlson Year of Evangelism
2010 - April Dr. Michael Behe Intelligent Design at the Foundation of Life
2010 - March Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William Boykin Threats to America's Future
2010 - January Dr. Lee Strobel The Case for Christ
2009 - December Tamara Hannaway, Dr. Paul T. Prentice The Moral Basis of Capitalism
2009 - November Daniel Robinson Natural Law and the Founders' Conception of Natural Rights
2009 - September William Armstrong
Lawrence W. Reed
State of the University (not available)
Myths of the Great Depression
2009 - March Dr. Thomas L. Krannawitter What Makes America Great?
2009 - January Dr. Douglas Groothuis Truth Decay: Understanding the Postmodern Mind
2008 - December Dr. Paul A. Cleveland Government: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
2008 - November Michaek Novak Free Markets
2008 - October Robert Woodson, Sr. Compassion for the Poor
2008 - September Dr. Sid Buzzell, Dr. Kevin Turner Seekers of Truth
2008 - April Dr. Cherri Parks, Dr. Gary Ewen, Richard Crombie, Jim McCormick Be a Magnet for Outstanding Students
2008- March Scott Werner, Dr. Mellani Day, Dr. Kevin Turner, Shauna Stone Teaching Students to be Evangelists
2008 - February Dr. Chuck King, Senator John Andrews, Judge David Furman, Brad Abramson, Esq. Original Intent of the Constitution
2008 - February Jim McCormick, Scott Werner, Jonnie Debrito, Heidi Ross, Carol Trejos, Shauna Stone, Dave Daniels Holy Living
2008 - January Janet Black, Bernie Prokop Teaching Students to Write Effectively
2008 - January Tamara Hannaway, Mellanie Day, Dr. Sid Buzzell Free Markets
2007 - December Dr. Stan Dyck, Dr. Bill Watson, Dr. Phil Mitchell, David Bosworth Western Civilization
2007 - November Dr. Jeff Mallinson, Dennis Jacobson, Dr. Bill Mesa, Director Ryan Hartwig Biblical View of Human Nature and Limited Government
2007 - October Dr. Don Sweeting Teaching Students to Trust the Bible
2007 - September President Bill Armstrong Becoming a Great University

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